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SPACE: Why It Is Weaponized

Personal essay about needing, finding and freeing space

Lennie Varvarides
9 min readAug 17, 2021


“Ideas, representations or values which do not succeed in making their mark on space, and thus generating (or producing) an appropriate morphology, will lose all pith and become mere signs, resolve themselves into abstract descriptions, or mutate into fantasies.”

— Henri Lefebvre. (1974/91). The Production of Space.
Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, p. 416.

“I Need Space”- A multi-screen 3D Performative video portrait of a family in Lockdown, 2021. Produced by DYSPLA.

From the beginning; we learn to associate our place in this world with the space we occupy. Space is hierarchical in this sense, its form, shape, and structure, relate to our active, reactive and apparent power.

… the space thus produced also serves as a tool of thought and of action … in addition to being a means of production, it is also a means of control, and hence of domination, of power.
-Lefebvre, Henri,
The Production of Space, Blackwell, 1991. p. 26.

Space defines independence and agency. It represents who we are and enforces how we think. Space is equal to our access and our privilege. It is our mirror. Space is also a byproduct of capital, both financial and social. It represents our standing as well as our acceptance of capitalism, proving we have the capacity to play by the rules. That at some point in our lives, we have worked, saved, or have inherited money. Lots of it. Enough to buy a house, an office, or a studio. Some people have all three, while others are destined to rent into their 50s or beyond.

Capacity is divided into, product, in this way, as well as the luxury of time. Space is time and time creates space. Conceived space. It provides access and the opportunity to ‘have’ time in one’s own mind. Space is both physical as well as metaphorical, both an object and a capacity for breath. In breathing, we create space, space enough to expand our minds, our ideas, and without it, without space, we shrink until we stunt our growth, or worse, our potential. My name is Lennie Varvarides, I am an artist, writer, and business owner. This is my response to the Medium Writing Challenge: SPACE.



Lennie Varvarides

London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA, founding editor @ The Museum of the Neurodivergent-Aesthetic.